Social Action Centre
Equality Education Platform
Who we are
A team of trainers on human rights and non-discrimination
Our goal

To provide knowledge in skills to learners who will use it to achieve equality and promote diversity in their work
Why the platform?
Non-formal human rights education is initiated by civil society organizations, donor structures and international organizations
Service providers often plan learning programs based on their assessment of needs and experience, while different people have different needs and experience
We want our work to be truly useful and need-based - that is why we create training programs for a specific group based on their experience and needs

Benefits of our platform
Social Action Centre has extensive experience in design and conduct of online and offline trainings for target groups with individual programs on specific topics
Individual approach
We will look at your application in detail and choose the suitable format with you based on your needs, timeframe, and location
What would you like to achieve? Which skills would you like to develop? Based on these questions, we can create a tailored program and start the learning process
Learning Topics
You can also request training on related topics
Human rights basics
Hate speech and freedom of expression

Non-discrimination and equality for beginners
legal framework in Ukraine
Equality and Diversity policies
Reasonable accommodation
Accessibility and/or Universal Design
Hate Crimes: situation in Ukraine, international approaches

Design and implementation of successful initiatives/projects against discrimination/for equality
Who can apply?

  • Groups who have faced discrimination
  • Human rights activists
  • Free legal aid centers
  • Law enforcement bodies
  • State officials
  • Local officials
  • Elected representatives
  • Small and large companies
  • Public organizations and associations etc.
  • Trainers wishing to learn new topics
  • Other people who can justify the need in training
The process
You apply here.
Follow the link to find a questionnaire. Please fill it out clearly and answer all questions
Application review
We assess the necessary resources, our competencies, and whether your goal corresponds to the values and strategy of the Social Action Centre
You receive a message
We inform you that we are ready to work with you, or explain why the decision is negative
We choose the format and terms together
We conduct training in different formats - online and offline. Training programs range from several hours to several months.
We conduct the training
The SAC can cover the training costs partially. Please see financing terms below

Analyzing results, supporting follow-up planning
We provide expert support and stay in touch


other countries - with the applicant's funding


Ukrainian, Russian, English

We cover the following expenses*:
  • trainers' travel, accommodation, expenses
  • venue rent
  • coffee breaks for participants
  • development and printing/e-versions of materials
  • online learning costs
We do NOT cover:
  • participant travel and accommodation
  • full meals (lunch, dinner)
* in Ukraine, trainings abroad are discussed individually
Our team
Olena Bondarenko
stereotypes and discrimination, hate crimes, interactive action for equality, human rights, hate speech
Irene Fedorovych
human rights, non-discrimination, reasonable accommodation, universal design, equality policies
Sasha Sverdlova
stereotypes and discrimination, strategic planning, human rights basics, equality policies
Olena Pashkovska
social media, information campaigns, copywriting
If you are a trainer/organization that conduct trainings and would like to join the project
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